Toronto Public Health: HIV 101 Workshop for Service Providers

Toronto Public Health: HIV 101 Workshop for Service Providers

Toronto Public Health (TPH) held a two day workshop for service providers on HIV 101. The participants were educated on transmission, testing, prevention, disclosure, criminalization, stigma, and more from Toronto’s best. After all the knowledge inducing, here comes this little black girl as the last hour keeping you from going home.

I was invited to speak to the attendees on lived experience and what I personally thinks works and doesn’t work in the HIV field.


You may be thinking, “what’s the purpose?” ,”didn’t these people already go to school for this?”, “if they’re already working in field, shouldn’t they know this stuff?”. Simple answer: No.


HIV is such a complex issue to work with in 2017. It’s not as easy as getting a degree in social work, or nursing.


It’s important to provide our service providers with updated knowledge and information so that they can be equipped to fully advanced the lives of those with HIV and keep the numbers down.


I commend the Toronto Public Health for continuing these workshops throughout the years. Thank you.