My name is Muluba Habanyama. Pronounced MUH-LOO-BAH. I’ll forgive you if you don’t get right the first time. Or the third.  All my life I have been interested in other people’s stories. How they came to be who they are and what they do. What makes them laugh, what makes them scared and most importantly what’s their favourite quote and skin care routine. So basically I been nosy. 🙂 

After one semester of studying journalism, I came to realization that if I was going to ask others to share their stories with me, it’s only fitting that I share my own. 

I was born H.I.V and have lived with the secret for 21 years.  After losing both my parents to the virus and denying myself a happy, long (and i mean very long),  love-filled, and hilarious life I am unapologetically living my life whole heartedly.

Now at 24, I am a Ryerson University Journalism student, and HIV activist and advocate educating and empowering others to take control of their health care, and be compassionate to others.  In between those two lies this blog, where I hope to share with you my thoughts, my advice, and my memories.

Muluba Habanyama