A journalism graduate born H.I.V positive. Since disclosing her status, Muluba has become a vibrant activist with a goal to decrease stigma and increase prevention. Muluba, educates, engages, and empowers individuals across the world through her many health awareness initiatives. Muluba has been featured in several Canadian media outlets, and honoured for her extensive volunteer and advocacy work. She often does public speaking and writing for different organizations and companies. Aside from public health, Muluba’s hobbies include reading, beauty, skincare, movies, social media, napping, massages, and online shopping.

Muluba is learning the work-life balance and how to be 20 something H.I.V positive millennial in this world. She is recouping her physical and mental health and advocating on behalf of those who don’t have a voice. She remains resilient and encouraged to live a long prosperous life.

Muluba’s battle with health sees it’s ups and downs and this domain is the outlet for her to express that journey along the way.