Muluba [muh-loo-bah]


     Muluba Habanyama is a resilient storyteller. 

Muluba is from Zambia, born in England and raised in Canada. Navigating life was tricky enough as a female, black, immigrant. Living with H.I.V all her life gave her some unique life experiences.

Muluba was born with H.I.V and have lived with the secret for 21 years. As a young black woman living with HIV since childhood, Muluba Habanyama has firsthand knowledge of the stigma and barriers faced by her communities. After losing her father and mother to H.I.V and realizing she denied herself a happy, long, fun-filled life, she is now unapologetically living my living this crazy, cool and complexed life wholeheartedly.

Muluba is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Journalism program and York University’s Community Based Research program. Using both her professional and personal experience, Muluba has taken on numerous leadership roles to reduce the stigma that often silences those of living with HIV. She has consulted and worked with YouthCO, Toronto Public Health, and more. She is a freelance journalist and has been published in MTV, Flare, and Huffington Post.

Currently, she serves on the board of directors on The Teresa Group, The Ontario HIV Treatment Network, Canadian Positive People Network, and YTH (San Francisco). She is an advisor on the CIHR Canadian HIV Trials community board. She is a youth support worker at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands and is the National Ambassador Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research. 

In each of these roles, Muluba has deepened her knowledge, passion, and approaches for the work she does.

Being seen does have value. A voice does have value.
I have the support of my family, friends, and colleagues.
Many do not. And this, in part, is for them.