About Last Year

This time last year I was in the Casey House  which is a hospice and hospital for H.I.V positive people who are in a bad state of health. I was there for long period time, that felt forever. I weighed 60lbs, was aching from head to toe, and could barely fake a smile.
Aside from the physical setbacks, my mental state grew unstable as well. I fell into a deep depression that was convinced everything was ruined. I don’t even want to go into my Facebook memories because I know that girl scared many of you. She scared me too, and for that I’m so sorry.

I am so blessed to have so many people to lean on for support and strength. When I couldn’t be resilient, you all were resilient for me.
I got visitors from my best friends, to their parents. My sister’s best friends, to their brothers. From professors to people I’ve worked with in the community. I received love from people I hadn’t ever expected. People that worked or volunteered with, friends from elementary school. My sister visited almost every day and stayed for hours on end making me laugh.

I felt the love and that is what brought me here. Also the doctors and nurses though. Shout to the doctors and nurses, even the ones with no bedside manner. No shade, but a little bit of shade 😁 Anyway, from the bottom of my heart , thank you so much! I will never be able to thank you enough or pay you back for your priceless love. All I can promise is I will be the best version of myself and help others the way I’ve been helped. Also, I’ll try really hard to make “The Muluba Habanyama Show” and have all y’all in the audience when we’re giving away yachts. ❤️